Traditional Advertising, Really?

We all know about traditional advertising, but let’s shake thing up! Consumers are so saturated, bombarded with techy ads. It’s time to go back to traditional ads, but with a twist.

Restaurant publications have been around for years. Do you know why this medium has been around for so long? —-Because it’s very effective. Consumers have something to read when they have nothing to talk about. They then find something interesting and it sparks a conversation.

How can this help my business? Since the content is surrounded by business ads, they see you. If the publication guarantees exclusivity – that’s even better because they’re only promoting your business and not your competition. BONUS!

Using this traditional media to attract new customers is a great offline tool to enhance your marketing efforts. Contact Stephanie at 708-808-0258, to find out how the Coffee News can extend your brand.

Contest: Where’s Wally?

Readers of the Coffee News of Cook County can now enjoy a fun contest to find Wally. Hint:  he’s hidden within our advertiser’s ads. The Where’s Wally contest will add to an already entertaining paper, and for our advertisers, ensure that our readers are engaging in their content.

Readers can submit their best guess every week through our website or mail in their entry form. The correct answers qualify to be entered into our monthly raffle for a $25 Gift Card to a local restaurant.

Coffee News is FREE to read, FREE to enter contest and now you can win a $25 Gift Card – can it really get any better than this??????

Coffee News is here!


Coffee News is now distributing in South Holland IL and Lansing IL! Coffee News is the largest restaurant publication in the world and we’re excited to bring it to our local community.

Stay Tuned for more to come!